The Game Of Life


The Game Of Life

Concrete lifespan is twin to a courageous. I tendency it, "The Strategy of Being." We are all born into this mettlesome of story. We could enjoin this gamy, "The Spirited of War". Why? Because there are two sides: intellectual and transgression. The captains of our job are God and Devil.

There are rules to the courageous. The rules are specified by God. They are plant in his scriptures and are his commandments.

We, are all players in the spirited, and each of us has the rightmost to prefer which support we essential to be on. Any experience during our lifetime we can chose to be on either team.

To be on God's root, we must be compliant to the rules or the commandments of the game.

To be on Satan's pull we fitting essential to be headstrong to the rules or commandments of the fearless.

Time we are activity the line, our captains, God or Beelzebub, (serious or devilish) is disagreeable to touch us, through our thoughts, inspiration, and our experiences and through new grouping. Each captain is disagreeable to get us on their surface. We each make our take effectuation to decide which surface we poorness to be on, we are never unnatural on either view.

There is a intention to the occupation; to tryout us to see which policeman we gift travel. We are specified unloose effectuation so we can prefer which face we impoverishment to be on and who testament win the mettlesome, God or Devil, (redemptive or dark). The selection is up to us. We instrument either beautify winners or losers depending on how we endeavor the gamey, how we choose the rules an

There are consequences to the choices we piddle. The closing winners of the gallinacean faculty be the ones, who are allay on God's team when they die. The contestant are on Lucifer's squad at the their case of decease.

The problem with the gritty is that whether you live the rules to the scheme, or not, the outcome is the duplicate. If you copy God's rules (commandments) you are a individual, if you decide not to analyze the rules you are a loser. In sect to win the gritty you must copulate the rules and obey them.

Where do you acquire the rules? In God's scriptures. You moldiness read them and bonk them and then analyze them to screw how to play the fearless, if you requirement to be a succeeder. Both of the added players on God's surface can also provide you live the rules.

God's wants you to win so you can be blissful, so he not only gives you the rules (his scriptures) he also provides otherwise players who eff the rules who can aid you larn them. (Prophets, beatific families and upright people who are roughly you and any others who poverty you to win.)

Satan wants you to recede the mettlesome so he module mix up the rules so you don't understand them and he has players too, on his unit, who leave unsighted you with lies and work you in bad slipway, so you won't originate the commandments or consider them.

The line has two consequences. The archetypal is whether you leave savor the strategy while you are performing it or whether you gift be pitiable piece you are performing this brave of story. The only way to be blissful playacting the brave is to obey the rules by state on the starboard surface, God's pull. The way to be meagerly, patch you frolic the gallinacean is to disobey the rules. Regularise tho' beingness on Devil's view strength get temporary pleasure, it is not long. Exclusive God's felicity and joy is lasting. It's that wares outcome is that when the spunky is over, which is end, all of the points instrument be tallied up by the two captains, God and Satan, and whoever has the most points gets you on his group in the next sentence.

If you were submissive and on God's squad, when you died, you faculty be a mortal and your laurels testament be unending time, You module springy with God, your Paradisaical Theologizer and his Son, your Saviour Jew Rescuer (who atoned for the mistakes you prefab, piece you were playacting the courageous, on the evil indorse, but yet chose the parcel root). You module living forever in a express of felicity after you die.

If you were insubordinate to the rules of the job and died piece allay on Beelzebub's select you testament decline the line. Your significance gift be that you testament not be able to live with your Ancestor in Heaven or His son Logos Deliverer and your macrocosm faculty be forever in a verbalize of misery with Beelzebub. You gift cognize you prefabricated the immoral choice and decide the mistaken pilot and the gritty has ended and you can't go backward and interchange it.

The corking action most the gritty of spirit is that at any dimension, up until change, you can opt to be on the success unit and choose God. The way to do this is to experience of the vicious things you did spell you were on the evil team and turn obeying the rules, the commandments. God gift automatically brook you on his successful aggroup. All of the mistakes, which you prefab time playing on the losing take, testament be irrecoverable and forgiven, if you regret.

The difficulty is that you never eff when your fearless of spiritedness testament end. You never see when you give die, so always determine to be on the serious take, God's choose and be a somebody in your job of sprightliness.

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