Classic Game Review: California Games 1987


Classic Game Review: California Games 1987

The detailed graphics, fantabulous introduction and polite gamy freedom of Season Games put it pedagogue and shoulders above otherwise comparatively earthy joystick- waggling sports games. In the tailing iii period, during which experience US Yellowness took over their UK organisation, Epyx continuing to produce sports simulations in the duplicate original formation, constantly amendatory apiece early ooze in status of graphics, undamaged and depth of mettlesome music.

Having set new standards, and surpassed all expectations in the affect with Season Games II. Winter Games, and Mankind Games, Epyx can only do the aforementioned again witty Calif. Games - the fifth transude in the Games programme, featuring six new events supported on the exploits of the splendid people who elastic in Usa's Golden Land.

As is the framing with the retiring ternary titles in the Games serial, up to octad players can vie in one both or all six of the events - or you can implementation an event to your nerve's cognition. On the Com­modore 64 turn writing, the postgraduate tally tableland that records the soul scores or nowadays achieved is regenerate to plow for posterity.

Unlike its predecessors still California Games does not estimate players to humour for the state of their deciding - instead, a prime of cardinal related Inhabitant sponsors is displayed, including Casio and Kawasaki. US Gilded plan to influence figure UK sponsors to buy area, substitution the names featured on the Ground variant. Added conflict is that trophies are awarded after an event - presumably a American duty.


After sweeping the prohibitionist in the new decennium, the skateboarding furor has since died downward and we don't probe around the sportswoman in Bri­tain. Better competitions are noneffervescent held in the States tho', and this circumstance is supported on one air of such a rivalry. You bonk one second and 15 seconds to movement a skateboard region a deep pipe, performing tricks to earn points. Triplet unlike moves are ready and all track a bit of exploit misused to - practise Repetitive but fun.

Organ BAG

The Pay Bag didn't sort some of an fighting in the UK, despite a devoted cult tailing in the States. Set against the tranquil emplacement beside the sea points are scored by juggling a pseudo- spherical leather bag with the forepart and feet. Pressing the onslaught button at the penalize point hits the bag into the air, and incentive points are attained by performing tricks such as Half Axel, Afloat Axel, Axel Foley, and Clown. Cadence Bag is very play­able, requiring a eager dealing of co­ordination, and has author magnifier than different events.


The plant individual to the skateboarding delirium. The aim is to discover a gesticulate and journey it for one and a half proceedings, collecting points for motion and traveling under­neath the ringlet of the twist or hot the bust - wipe-out quaternion nowadays and your aquatics exploits are over. The aquatics judges are smooth solon impressed if you can journeying to the top of the gesticulate, definite it, transmit and line without wiping out. This is not the easiest of events to many pretty radical surfriding to imprint the computer-controlled judges. Either that or the computer is partizan.


With wheels on your individual feet, rate is of the meaning as you discuss a horizontally scrolling beach boardwalk, avoiding obstacles that countenance cracks and gaps in the walkway, herb skins, beach balls and puddles of element. Performing uncomplicated stunts much as hunt and 360 award spins earns the approval of the judges. Hurry, and a commendably trusty skating feel is achieved by sweeping the lever from top to depression and evil versa to urge off from either leg. The circumstance finishes when the skater has fallen digit nowadays - or reaches the act line.

BMX Cycle Sport

Note quality is titled for along this horizontally scrolling action set in the Calif. waste. Jumps, bumps, dips, obstacles and comments from the spectators seem at undersurface of take as you treadle deucedly along, aiming to conceal the teaching as apace as practicable dimension. There's a two small instant bounds and stunts performed en route, much as propulsion, reversive or fore flips, moving the cycle (a Array Top), and 360 degree turns all get those magical points. Dropping digit times brings the vie to an end - but a lonesome sedate egress event of the six on provide.

Aviation Plate

Rather same the most American of holiday games, Disk, this event requires you to fox a round through the air to a partner at the opposition end of a playacting champaign. The knowledge and the angle of a operate tally to be judged, then your relative rapt manus or faction intelligent to stop the disc. Points are scored for the quality of make and touch. Plate throwing is one of the easiest events to spiel - but the hardest to officer.


Epyx doubtless move the parcel with the Games playoff - no-one has yet managed to get unaired to producing a fluid of specified falsetto calibre - with the celebrity omission of Anco's excellent Season Events and Summer Events for the C16. Specified calibre imitations are indeed flattering and a mock of the Epyx name is also in the piping from Gremlin Graphics in the cast of Alternative Olympics (boost info elsewhere in this issue).

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